Water and Flood Restoration Toronto

Has your home, business or insured property been affected by water or flood damage?

Water can be one of the biggest sources of damage for any property, causing both cosmetic and structural problems. Floods, leaks, plumbing issues and sewer backups can all cause significant water damage, especially if you don’t react quickly. We understand how challenging these situations can be and this is why we have the expert team, tools and resources to help you get through the water and flood restoration process as quickly as possible.


The Master People is fully equipped to clean and restore any environment affected by flood or water damage in Toronto. What takes our services to the next level is that we are available 24/7 to assist you as soon as you have a basement flood or water damage issues. We know that you can’t afford to wait until the next day and the sooner our flood restoration team is on the job, the better we will be able to minimize the damage.

Water can come from numerous sources and often there is little you can do besides reacting quickly. Basement floods can be caused by heavy rains, snow thaws in the spring or by internal plumbing issues. Many older homes in Toronto are especially susceptible to these types of problems, requiring expert flood restoration services to repair cosmetic and structural elements within your home.

We can also assist you with insurance claims and help you deal with your insurance company. We will help you with the processing of your claim so you don’t feel uncomfortable in proceeding with the restoration process.

The Water and Flood Restoration Process

We try to simplify the restoration process as much as possible. Once we are given the go-ahead to restore the property:

  • We will bring in our machines to de-flood and dry the area. This step in the process will happen in the same day.
  • Upon completion of the de-flooding and drying process, we will proceed with restoring the property to perfection.
  • The flood restoration process consists of demolishing and discarding all damaged property; and then re-finishing the floors, walls, ceilings, and fixtures that have been affected.
  • We can have your flood or water damage problem addressed in the same day and often fully restored within 1 week.

The end result of our work leaves your home or business looking better than ever.

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