3 Steps to Minimizing Damage Caused by a Burst Pipe

Posted On August 8, 2016

A burst pipe can happen at a moment’s notice. It can happen any time of day, to any home or business, any time of year. While instances of bursting pipes happen in the fall and spring as the weather hovers above and below freezing, it’s important that you are always ready to deal with the situation.

3 Steps to Minimizing Damage Caused by a Burst Pipe

Here are 3 important steps to help minimize the damage caused by a burst pipe:

1. Make sure your home is insured: The best form of protection against a burst pipe or any other form of water damage is to ensure you have the proper home insurance in place. Never make assumptions about what your home insurance policy includes. If you are not sure if you have adequate coverage for water damage, talk to your insurance company right away.

2. Call a professional immediately: Every minute counts when you have a burst pipe. The second you notice an issue, you need to call a professional to manage the situation. The sooner you call, the quicker we can be onsite to help you during a pipe burst emergency.

3. Turn off the water source: This may sound obvious, but among the surprise and the chaos caused by a burst pipe, you may forget to turn off the water source. This will stop water from flowing and help to lessen the water damage.

If a pipe bursts on your property, the best thing you can do is take action now to minimize the damage cause by water. The quicker you react and take action, the better. Give us a call now at 1-888-558-4867 and we’ll be on-site for a property assessment within 1 hour across the GTA. We are available 24 to help you with all your water damage emergencies.


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