Same-Day Sewage Back Up Service


Same Day Sewer Back Up Service in the GTA

A sewer back up is something that can happen to anyone at any time. Regardless if you live in a single family home, apartment, condo, or run a business, a sewer back up can happen and put a damper on your day. It’s also an emergency situation. A back up could quickly lead to flooding, cause damage to your bathroom, personal belongings, and other areas of your home. From a business perspective, it could cause you to shut down for the day, meaning that the issue needs to be addressed immediately.

Has your home or business been affected by sewage back up? Don’t let the situation carry on any longer. The Master People has the equipment and team to service all types of sewage back up situations – quickly and cost-effectively. The second you notice the issue, give us a call. We are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know that sewer back-ups can happen at any time, and we are ready to help you out at all times.

Common Causes of Sewer Back-ups in the GTA

To effectively fix a sewer back up issue it’s vital to find the cause. Whether it’s at home or a place of business, there are three common causes of sewer back-ups. The first, and most common is a clog. This is usually a result of unauthorized items being flushed down the toilet or items washed down the sink. The second is tree roots. Over time, tree roots can grow and wrap around pipes, and cause holes and blockages. The final common issue are broken or collapsed pipes. This tends to happen in older homes and businesses that have clay and cast iron pipes.

As a home or business owner, the most important thing you can do is never make assumptions. Always talk with a professional before you try to fix a sewer back up situation. You could actually be making things worse even though you think you are fixing the issue.

Working Collaborative with our customers

We provide ongoing communication with clients. Whether you are having a plumber take a look at the sewer back up issue, need us to assistant with the cleanup, or simply have questions, we work collaboratively with you in all situations.

Communication makes things easy for our clients through an implemented system that allows you to have and keep record of our services and review any concern with our direct supervisor or company’s manager constantly. This way we are always on the same page, allow us to provide you with the best sewer back up service possible, given the current situation and your service needs.

Having sewer back up issues? Contact us now!

We are always available to help you with sewer back up issues across the GTA.
Give us a call now at 1-888-558-4867 and we’ll be on-site for a property assessment within 2-3 hours. We can help you get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

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