Tile & Marble Cleaning & Restoration

T.M.P. can preserve the beauty of your natural stone surface in any type of environment from kitchen floors to building lobbies.

1. Cleaning & Sealing your natural stone surfaces is performed with special stone cleaners and impregnating natural stone sealers for all types of environments. We also offer stone enhance sealers on stones like slate, flamed granite and any type of honed marble or granite. Applying a stone enhancer on a natural stone surface will bring the rich color out of the stone.

2. Natural Stone Diamond Polishing is performed by using diamond abrasive pads and special machines designed to restore your natural stone surface to a factory finish . Diamond cutting is done by using a series of diamond abrasive pads in a sequence of multiple steps. Diamond cutting is also known as honing.

3. Crack & Chip Repair is done with a polyester stone adhesive and different colored pigments to blend in cracks or chips like it was never there. The polyester adhesive process is done by using a product called Akemi.

4. Natural Stone Maintenance programs can be achieved with a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, semi annual or yearly maintenance programs. This type of maintenance program will leave your natural stone floors like show room condition at all times.

Other services T.M.P. Provides:

  • Exterior Pressure Washing (Facades. Sidewalks.
  • Anti-Slip Floor Treatments
  • Terra Cotta Stripping & Waxing
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Commercial – Residential – Industrial – Hospitals
exterior-pressure washing Terra-Cotta-Stripping Anti-Slip-Floor -Treatments

Featured Clients

  • Swiss Chalet
  • Quiznos
  • LCBO
  • The Frankl
  • Woods Restaurant & Bar
  • Medieval Time